About The SON’s

The History
The SON’s (Sons of Ned) began as a spirit nearly 35 years ago with the connection via music between Michael and James.  Their friendship revolved a good bit around music of all kinds.  Today the duo of music fanatics is now a growing band with special guests along the way with the addition of Jake, Michael’s son, Emilie-Rose (aka Lady McBeath) as well as Matthew our piano man.

The band specializes in Americana rock, Canadian rock and modern celtic music with a little folk thrown in there for good measure.

The Band

  •  Michael Schooley

    Michael Schooley

    Lead guitar, harmonica, saxophone and lead singer.

    Mike is a high school teacher specializing in English Literature among other subjects and a father of 5!
  • James McBeath

    James McBeath

    Bass, guitar and vocals

    James works as a marketing director in the outdoors industry, a writer and is an uber fan of the culture that is adventure, travel and music world wide.
  • Jacob Schooley

    Jacob Schooley

    Drums, percussion

    Jacob is the heartbeat of the band and a recent graduate from high school. Jake eat, sleeps and dreams music… and you can tell by his playing!
  • Matthew Charles Vlasblom

    Matthew Charles Vlasblom

    Piano, vocals

    Matthew is our piano savant and works hard around town in service to others and playing music whenever and wherever he can.
  • Emilie-Rose McBeath

    Emilie-Rose McBeath


    Emilie-Rose is currently a high school student with a voice of the angels. Her passion for music is equal only to her passion for reading!