The Talent Amongst Us

jakeJacob Schooley is 21.  His friends call him “Jake”.  Jake is autistic. Like so many others, he has a talent that is partially hidden amongst groovy, unique mannerisms that, to the untrained eye, can come off as ‘different’.  Jake strums to his own beat and that beat sometimes sets him apart and creates walls between him and the rest of the world and the opportunities that world holds.  Without taking the time to get to know Jake, you’d never know he has this significant talent and his chances at opportunity diminish.

“Jake is a drummer.   He’s not just an ‘OK drummer’, he’s a great drummer.”

The Talent Amongst Us Tour is about making sure that we all look beyond the unique characteristics that can come from autism, and find those talents that so often sit just below the surface in many kids like Jake.  In his case, you simply need to hear him play and you ‘get Jake’ and the walls will immediately come crumbling down. Unfortunately, in many other cases, those walls are harder to break down as the talents might be more hidden and difficult to recognize without effort.  This tour and our aim is to remind all of us that taking the time to step through those walls, get to know people like Jake and make that effort to discover those hidden abilities … it will always be worth it!

There is talent amongst us!